Killington Recreation Department
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Coaches & Volunteers Responsibilities

The Elements of Volunteering for Killington Recreation
We're very excited you're devoting both your time and efforts towards volunteering. With your help, you'll be able provide a fun, learning, safe, and exciting environment.


  • Responsibility - I will be ensuring the health and safety for every child and will learn any necessary training.
  • Honesty - I will be honest with every child and other volunteering individuals.
  • Kindness - I will treat every child, other volunteers, parents, and referee with respect nor will I use any foul language towards them.
  • Teamwork - I will learn different tactics and approaches to generate teamwork that will be used for problem solving situations.
  • Discipline - I will ensure all participants will know the rules and won't express any foul language. If so, removal of said participant will be enforced.
Additional training to maximize safety for you and any participants
Mandated Reporter
CPR & First Aid Treatment
Concussion Treatment