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Facility Use Policy


The Town of Killington has one or more facilities that are available for use by residents and members of the public. These facilities are available to all qualified users on equal terms without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, or other status covered by applicable state or federal laws or regulations. In allowing the use of these facilities, the Municipality will not discriminate against users of the facilities based on the users’ particular viewpoint(s).
It is the obligation of the Municipality to ensure that its facilities are maintained in good condition and their use and maintenance do not impose an undue financial cost on the Municipality’s residents. This policy is intended to help ensure that: the Municipality’s facilities will be well maintained and accommodating and will provide a safe environment; and the Municipality will be fair and consistent with all parties wishing to use its facilities.

Facilities to Which This Policy Applies

This policy shall apply to the following facilities in the Municipality, which shall be available for rental during the following listed hours, at the following listed user rates, and with maximum occupancy as listed:
Facility Available Hours User Fee Maximum Occupancy
Johnson Recreation Center Pavilion 8:00 AM to dusk Free TBD
Johnson Recreation Center Fields 8:00 AM to dusk Free TBD
Johnson Recreation Center tennis or basketball courts 8:00 AM to dusk Free TBD
Aida Hall Fields 8:00 AM to dusk Free TBD

Priority of Use

The Municipality will make these facilities available on a first-come, first-served basis for individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations to rent during times when the facilities are not being used for Municipality programs or events sponsored by the Municipality and when they are not being used by Municipality staff, boards, commissions, or committees.

Facility Use

Any individual, group, business, or organization wishing to use municipal facilities shall notify the Recreation Director of the date and time on which they wish to use such facility. No use of a facility shall be permitted until a written Facility Use Agreement is executed by the Municipality, and proof of insurance has been provided to the Municipality as required by the applicable Facility Use Agreement.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of $150 will be required for use of a facility when more than 30 guests are expected. Such security deposit will be returned promptly to the User if no damage has been caused to the Facility and if all cleaning activities have taken place as specified in the signed Facility Use Agreement.

Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drugs

The sale, possession, consumption, and use of tobacco, marijuana, and illegal drugs are forbidden on municipal property. The sale, possession, consumption, and use of alcoholic beverages are only permitted on municipal property as specifically described in a duly executed Facility Use Agreement.

Obligations of Users

Use of municipal facilities must not disrupt the provision of municipal services. Nor shall use of a facility create a nuisance or disturb the quiet enjoyment of anyone using adjacent or common premises and facilities. Users must return the facilities in a neat, orderly, and clean condition after their use.  Users will be responsible for, and liable to, the Municipality for all repairs to the facilities required as a result of damage caused by Users. The privilege of use of any facilities may be revoked if any of the above policies are violated. 

Policy proposed April 23, 2021.