Killington Recreation Department
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Youth Sport Programs Code Of Ethics

The Child Centered Program Experience

  • It's ok to be competitive and give your best effort in an attempt to win, but we will not do any of the following to win;
  • Sacrifice a player’s health or safety.
  • Break rules or break the spirit of the rules.
  • Not play everyone an equal amount of time.
  • Do anything that would make us look bad or be un-sportsman like.
  • Take advantage a weaker player or team.

Coaches & Parents

  • Have fun!
  • Refrain from hollering, screaming, or making derogatory comments to officials, players or fans.
  • Encourage all the participants!
  • Be a positive role model.
  • Emphasize TEACHING not winning at this age level.

Most Important

Remember this is not the end, but the beginning of their athletic careers!!! Be the catalyst to their future.