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Killington Resort Fitness Loop

Fitness Trail StationLooking to stay fit during the summer or train for those Spartan obstacles? Look no further than the Killington Resort Fitness Loop. Stationed at Snowshed Pond, enjoy a moderate 0.7 mile loop designed for all ages looking to get into shape or start their muscle building career. Choose between 10 wooden stations located between the Killington Grand Hotel and Snowshed Base Lodge. For more details, click here for an informational video.

Benefits of the fitness loop
  • Providing world class fitness opportunities.¬†
  • Movements vary from explosive transfer moves between pull-up bars to gymnastics peak performance on parallel bars.
  • Not only will you get stronger but you'll get the opportunity to gain more visible muscle mass & defined body shape.
  • Gives individuals the opportunity to get healthy and maintain active lifestyles for those who may not feel comfortable in a commercial gym environment.

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